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Silver Saver

Only Silver Bullion can Protect your Wealth,
Shouldn't you be buying as much as possible?

Well, there are several different opinions on this matter. I guess it really comes down to perspective.

  • What do you believe?
  • Do you believe history repeats itself?
  • What time frame do you look at to determine if history is repeating itself?
  • What's your perspective?

Perspective can be a tricky thing...

If you look at the past 100 years, you could compare silver bullion versus the dollar or stock market for instance.

Looking at it that way you may come to the conclusion that silver bullion is a horrible investment, and choose to stay in the stock market...

Or perhaps even become one of the many thousand of growing savers in the world... hoarding your government issued paper dollars in banks or mattresses.

Then of course you could have the perspective of looking at history for the past several thousand years... which then you might come to the conclusion that perhaps you should be buying as much silver and gold bullion as possible.

Start Buying Silver Bullion Now!!!

You may even be knowledgeable enough to recognize that you may want to forget about gold all together and buy only as much silver as you can get your hands on. Be sure to check out our Gold vs Silver section to see why you may want to just focus on buying silver instead of gold.

The History of Gold and Silver

Gold and Silver have been used throughout history as the common denominator that civilization has started and ended on as a monetary system of exchange and trade. They've all started on it and over time, gotten greedy and corrupt and started diluting the money supply. Earlier civilizations use to melt down gold and silver and mix it with copper to increase the money supply.

Nowadays we just print more paper or fiat currency to increase the money supply. Even worse than that, governments don't even have to print it anymore, it's all electronic, so they just add zeroes at will to increase the money supply.

How You Can Profit?

The simple answer is buy silver bullion and prepare for the coming implosion of the whole fiat currency system and the massive hyper-inflation that will follow and wipe out the middle class and the savers of the world. Their paper money will become worthless and people will be flocking to trade their paper money for tangible assets, something that holds some value no matter what.

Gold and Silver will be among they most commonly used methods for currency when this happens.

The Money Supply

At certain points in history, gold and silver correct in value to match the total money supply, when this happens, those holding gold and silver stand to profit huge by trading their holdings for assets, such as real estate and businesses at these points in history.

Basically they'll ride the wave and get off the wave close to the top and into something else that will be close to the bottom value of it's cycle, and continue surfing. Everyone else will drown. :(

The Good News

Silver is still relatively inexpensive so buying it starting now will be very easy and very do-able.

So get started now!

Silver Types and Dealers

Check out the other links on this site to get information about the different types of silver bullion, coins, bars, and rounds. You can also find some dealers both online and off at brick and mortar stores all across the world.

Even if you don't jump in full bore, at least buy some silver to protect yourself from the coming onslaught of paper money and the wipe-out of the middle class.

Table of Contents

Only Silver Bullion Blog
The Only Silver Bullion Blog is the best place to get your updates about what is going on around the US and the world with silver bullion and the economy in general. We compile and report on what you need to know to stay ahead of the game to protect your wealth and future prosperity.
Surviving Economic Collapse
It's creepy how many people I run into that think 'Surviving Economic Collapse' will never be a worry of theirs in our lifetimes. Most of them think that's just conspiracy theory and crazy talk.
Silver Bullion Coins
Silver Bullion Coins have ultimate transportability and can easily be carried and exchanged for goods and services.
American Silver Eagles
American Silver Eagles are the most widely recognized form of silver bullion coins. They are a great investment to use for storing your wealth.
Silver Dollars
Silver Dollars are a term used to describe silver bullion coinage with a one dollar face value. They are minted by several different countries and are sometimes called silverdollars.
Junk Silver Coins
Junk silver coins provide the easiest method to start your silver bullion investing. They are by far the least expensive way to start amounting a stash of REAL cash.
Silver Bullion Bars
Silver bullion bars are great investment vehicles to store large amounts of your wealth. They come in everything from 1 ounce to 500 ounce silver bullion bars of .999 fine silver.
Silver Bullion Rounds
Silver bullion rounds are a general term given to describe an assortment of minted silver bullion coins. They mostly come in one ounce weights and are minted or have designs of anything and everything.
Branded Silver Bullion
Branded silver bullion is basically minted silver bullion coins, bars, and rounds that display a company or persons logo, event, or company banner.
Silver Investing
Silver investing has become the best vehicle for storing and growing your wealth thanks to the governments of the world's un-ending habit of printing money.
Silver Bullion Price
The silver bullion price is always fluctuating under a constant manipulation from world governments. It is one of the most volatile of the precious metals do to it's small market of investors.
Silver Bullion Dealers
Silver bullion dealers are the best source of buying and selling yor silver investments. They can also be your source of information for other precious metals.
Buy Silver Bullion
You must buy silver bullion if you are to contend with the coming monetary collapse. It is the only safe haven for your wealth.
Sell Silver Bullion
You can sell silver bullion fairly easily nowadays, not just because it's at an all time high, but because it's in strong demand and more people are seeking it out.
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